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Exhibition Contents

The expo is planned to cover 160,000 m2 of NCEC (including 30,000 m2 of outdoor exhibition areas) in 11 exhibition areas. Leading Chinese and foreign companies in the construction industry will showcase the latest achievements of China’s construction industry in an all-round and panoramic manner.
      Exhibition areas and the scope of exhibits are as follows:

Exhibition area Exhibits

Architectural Achievement Area

China’s construction development history and important milestones since the 13th Five-Year Plan;

China State Construction Area

exhibits of China State Construction;

Design and Innovation Achievements Area

comprehensive strength, cutting-edge concepts, latest technological achievements, and key projects in architectural survey, planning and design by engineering design enterprises engaged in urban planning, municipal engineering design, engineering surveying and mapping, architectural design, garden design, interior design, etc.;

Sponge City and Green Building Materials Area

sponge city planning, design and consulting, achievements in sponge city construction, successful cases of pilot city, ecological restoration, urban landscaping and construction, artificial ecological wetland, sunken green space, soil and water conservation, water environment and water safety, permeable road paving materials, roof planting system, rainwater collection and reuse equipment, same-layer drainage system, siphon drainage equipment, rainwater storage facilities and other water storage modules, technology and equipment for comprehensive urban underground pipelines, municipal water supply and drainage system, structural materials, recyclable solid wastes, energy-saving and resource-saving materials, environmentally friendly materials, reprocessed materials, high-strength materials, corrosion-resistant materials, durable materials, lightweight materials, fireproof and waterproof materials, heat preservation and insulation materials, sound insulation materials, thermal control materials, light-control materials, non-toxic materials, harmless materials, disinfection materials, deodorant materials, sterilization materials, anti-mold materials, antistatic materials, anti-radiation materials, carbon dioxide adsorption materials, etc. and related technologies;

Prefabricated Buildings and Modern Buildings Area

Prefabricated architectural design:project design, preliminary design and working drawing design, detailed component design, design software, AEC software, BIM consulting, data processing system, etc.;
Prefabricated building structures:prefabricated concrete structures, prefabricated steel structures, prefabricated wooden structures, prefabricated mixed structures, modular buildings, prefabricated sealing systems, finished prefabricated components, curtain wall systems, connecting pieces, built in fittings, accessories, etc.;
Prefabricated component production equipment and prefabricated electromechanical equipment:system and equipment for production and circulation of prefabricated components, steel bar processing machinery, forming tools, prefabricated component products, concrete chemicals, prefabricated component supports, assembled electromechanical installation, pipeline equipment installation, machine room, pump room, modular integrated air conditioning, etc.;
Green prefabricated houses:modular house series, light steel house series, container house series, wooden house series, aluminum alloy house series, special-shaped house series, prefabricated tent series, mobile medical buildings;
Intelligent building design:project design, preliminary design and working drawing design, detailed component design, design software, AEC software, BIM consulting, data processing system, etc.;
Green integrated technology and information system:system and equipment for production and circulation of prefabricated components, installation of prefabricated electromechanical components, pipeline equipment installation, computer room, pump room, modular integrated air conditioning, etc.;
Smart life experience, separation of SI pipelines:smart home appliance system, integration of water and electricity supply in cabinets, integration of water and electricity pipelines and floor heating, innovative integration of unique wall, ground, overhead systems, etc.;
Real estate projects and green housing products:real estate project display, smart homes, integrated wall systems, lightweight partition wall systems, prefabricated integrated bathroom, customized integrated kitchen system, integrated floor heating, integrated ceilings, whole house customization system, storage systems, etc.;

Building Energy-saving and Green Building Materials Area:

systematic doors, windows and accessories, curtain wall materials and accessories, glass, structural glue for doors, windows and curtain walls, photovoltaic products, building shading, new thermal insulation materials, water-saving and power-saving products;

Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Area:

refrigeration systems and equipment, HVAC systems and equipment, intelligent control products, home comfort products, building water supply and drainage, elevators and components;

Smart Buildings and “New Infrastructure” Area:

cloud computing, big data, intelligent communication networks, 5G, data center solutions, Internet of Things, integrated wiring systems for intelligent buildings, smart building system integration and solutions, smart electrical engineering, intelligent buildings, digital construction, building equipment management systems, building equipment monitoring, energy management systems for buildings, security automation systems, HVAC automation systems, office automation systems, smart transportation, video surveillance, electronic inspections, smart communication network systems, smart highways, highways equipment, information solutions, smart city platform solutions, smart security, smart fire protection, smart medical care, power distribution network for industrial parks, smart property and smart services, smart lighting and charging piles;

Green Smart Decorations Area:

public building decoration, home decoration, Internet + decoration, doors, windows, curtain walls, prefabricated interiors, digital and intelligent technology achievements, smart homes, green decoration parts;

Construction Machinery Area:

construction machinery and accessories, building materials machinery and accessories, construction vehicles, supporting facilities;

Comprehensive Solutions for Building Implementation Area:

brand and comprehensive solutions for the whole life of cycle of green building project planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, smart construction sites and smart construction, construction robots, construction testing equipment, engineering testing equipment, building material testing equipment, indoor environmental testing equipment, and other construction-related products and supporting facilities.


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Comprehensive solutions for building implementation & sponge city and green building materials & construction machinery

building energy-saving and green building materials & building mechanical and electrical engineering

Smart Buildings and “New Infrastructure” Area

Prefabricated Buildings and Modern Buildings Area

Design and Innovation Achievements Area

Green Smart Decorations Area





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