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Why Exhibiting

Why Exhibiting

 Advantages of the Platform

· Professional operation team

· Superior hardware facilities and supporting facilities

· Support from leading enterprises in the industry

· Adhere to the high-end position and establish the brand in the industry

· Integrate and innovate themes to bring a brand-new experience

  Reasons of Exhibiting

· Establish a brand image

· Extending volume growth

· Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry

· Obtain more sales clues

· Find high-quality cooperative partner and establish good relationships

· Successfully promote technologies and products


  Exhibition Promotion

· The vane of the industry development

The forum is designed by top experts, and industry leaders will gather at the site to discuss industry development policies and future development.


· Invite high-quality professional audiences

Brand enterprises are strongly supported. Leading enterprises such as China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd., Shanghai Construction Group Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, and Tongfang Co., Ltd. send targeted invitations to domestic and international enterprises in green and smart construction industry, to ensure the presence of high-quality professional audiences.


·  Professional visitors come in group

Through cooperating with organizations and associations related to architectural design, construction, real estate, fully take the advantages of the platform to invite professional institutions to visit.


·  Digital publicity

Fully make use of website, email, SMS, WeChat and other online digital platform for publicity.


· Multi-channel promotion

Fully cooperate with a number of professional organizations and media, as well as strong and multi-dimensional continuous promotion.


  Target Visitors

· Housing functional management agencies, housing industrialization center, planning bureau, urban construction bureau, construction technology center, wall renovation office, energy conservation office, bid inviting office, etc.;

· Pilot demonstration cities (districts), industrial bases and industrial campus of building industrialization, green building and building energy conservation;

· Senior managers of architectural and environmental design, planning and scientific research institutions, designing institutes, architectural designers, interior designers, etc;

· Real estate development enterprises, construction engineering companies, contractors, construction units, etc;

· Universities and research institutes in the fields of construction, environment and energy;

· Associations/societies related to real estate, construction, civil engineering, building materials, decoration, engineering, etc;

· New building materials suppliers, dealers, traders, large building materials markets, logistics and transportation agencies;

· Internet, BIM, information system, software development and application, energy saving service and other service organizations;

· Representatives of public facilities and news media, etc. 





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Visit, conference and media cooperation