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Leaders of NCEC(Tianjin) Visited the Cooperating Companies of “China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo(GIB)"

2020-05-24 01:48

“China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo(GIB)” organized by our company, totally entered the stage of attracting investment and exhibitors.


From May 21 to 23, Wang Yanhua and Zhang Zishan, leaders of NCEC(Tianjin), Liu Zikun, Executive leader of exhibition preparation group, and Kang Qi, deputy general manager of Human Resources Administration Department, went to Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shanghai to visit the cooperating companies of the exhibition.


President Gao Bo, Vice President Lu Keqiang, chief engineer Qi Ligang of China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd.; President Bian Jiajun, Vice President Ye Weidong, chief engineer Gong Jian of Shanghai Construction Group; secretary of the party committee and President Tian Qiang, Vice President Zhao Xishun of China Construction Industrial & Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.; Xu Zhihao, vice President of Arcplus Group PLC; Guo Xudong, vice President of Hikvision; Chen Mingdong, President of CSCEC Oriental Decoration; President Yao Mengming and sales director Qian Gongquan of Philips Lighting in Greater China District, etc., met with the working group of our company, and worked out on exhition and conference plan.


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